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Crypto & Digital Assets Custody Solutions Provider

Secure your digital assets with multi-layered, institutional-grade crypto custody solutions. FirstByt is a crypto & digital asset custodian that provides solutions for protocols, foundations, financial institutions, and the Web3 ecosystem.

Our Advantages

Highly secure & scalable infrastructure Easy management of Cryptocurrencies Extra Secure & Encrypted Cross border regulation compliant Seamless transfers at Low Costs Unlimited Transfers

Your Dedicated Crypto Custodian

  • We offer the full range of digital asset services and solutions supported by round-the-clock dedicated customer service.

Keyless Wallets

Multi-party computation or MPC — combined with zero-knowledge proofs, proactive secret sharing and other primitives — enables systematic keylessness.

No Trust

Every user, employee, device, application, workload, and data flow is treated as untrustable, both inside and outside Firstbyt’ zero trust network.

Decentralized Custody

We offer full asset control and business continuity without offloading the responsibility of securing the keys like non-custodial solutions do.

Plug-and-Playful API

POST, GET, DELETE, and connect with other powerful endpoints. Automated access via API for real-time and 24/7 transaction execution.

Key Features of our Crypto Custody Solutions

It’s vital for you to select a crypto & digital assets custodian that meets these regulatory requirements and has up-to-date security measures, like encryption and multifactor authentication, to prevent unauthorized access and other cybersecurity threats.


Regulatory compliance

As a Crypto Custody provider we follow the relevant laws and regulations, including KYC and AML rules. We meet reporting, auditing, and fraud detection standards. This provides accountability and gives you some recourse if anything goes wrong.

Security standards

As a qualified crypto custody provider we have up-to-date cybersecurity measures such as cold (offline) storage, multi-signature wallets, multiparty computation, biometrics, and hardware security modules. Robust protocols like proof of reserves are audited regularly.

Asset segregation

The segregation of client assets placed in custody enhances security and integrity. As a crypto custody provider we segregate your assets from our own holdings. Proper protocols prevent the mingling of funds and help protect your assets in cases like bankruptcy.


As a crypto custodian we are fully transparent about how holdings are secured and managed, which requires frequent auditing and reporting. Real-time account overview and transaction tracking are available so that your holdings are also visible to you.

Multi-Party Signature Wallets

With the use of computation technology and robust governance controls, our multi-party signature wallets provide an additional layer of data security and prevent internal collusion.

Crypto Accounting

Easily track and manage your customers digital assets with our powerful crypto accounting tools. Integrate full bookkeeping for digital assets with our sophisticated offchain accounting (settlement) for your customers when storing assets in omnibus setups.

Digital Asset & Crypto Custody Meets Innovation

FirstByt is a top crypto and digital asset custodian that provides solutions for financial institutions and the Web3 ecosystem.

Experience the full potential of the digital assets market

  • Maximize your opportunities in the digital asset market with our secure and reliable solutions and expertise.

Web 3 Wallets

One Simple Integration supercharges your wallets providing maximum security and freedom for crypto


SOC 2 Type II certification, regular pen-tests, and an unprecedented insurance policy.


Integrated digital asset compliance solutions for KYT, AML, and Travel Rule.


Access DeFi apps with enterprise-grade protection and fully customizable governance & policy control.


A robust engine to easily consolidate your assets into stablecoins or security tokens.


Simplify and secure your staking operations.

Why choose FirstByt as Your Crypto Custody Solutions Provider?

We offer the full range of digital asset services and solutions supported by round-the-clock dedicated customer service.


Custody and Treasury

FirstByt ensures your digital assets are secure, available and easily accessible for you and your customers.

Best-in-class Expertise

Stay up-to-date with your team of experts, sharing industry insights and market research.

Institutional-grade Technology

We provide security-first infrastructure, delivering the highest standards of protection, scalability, and interoperability.


Built-in features to comply with the strictest KYC, AML, CTF, and other global regulatory requirements.

Broad Asset Support

Ahead of the curve to embrace new protocols and technologies, providing access to DeFi staking, wrapping, governance, delegation and more.

High-touch Support

Assistance of a dedicated account manager with a direct line for onboarding and support.

Let’s discuss your project

Feel free to discuss your requirements, including a test before any prior commitment. Grow your business while saving time and money with one of the best crypto and digital assets custody solutions provider out there.

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Is it Possible to Store More Cryptocurrencies in a Single Wallet?

Yes, you can store more than one currency in a multi-cryptocurrency wallet. Managing different wallets with different currencies often becomes a task, so placing them in a multicurrency wallet is better.

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