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Cryptocurrency Exchange Liquidity Provider

Crypto exchange liquidity defines how quickly and easily a digital asset can be bought or sold at a stable price on a given market. The quicker you can buy or sell a crypto-asset as close to your asking price as possible – the more liquid a cryptocurrency exchange is.

Enjoy reliable, seamless, competitive feed with FirstByt Crypto Exchange Liquidity Provider.

Our Advantages

Best bids and offers Re-market liquidity Business monitoring Comprehensive statistics Tiered account management Flexible risk management options

Crypto exchange liquidity provider with a comprehensive suite of offerings, which encompass a diverse range of solutions tailored to meet your specific needs.

  • Tap into vast liquidity reserves from prominent crypto liquidity providers and take advantage of our deep liquidity of up to 20 levels of Market Depth.
  • Experience unparalleled geographic flexibility with our extensive server network strategically positioned to cater to clients worldwide.
  • Experience the freedom to customize spreads and markups according to your unique trading requirements.
  • Explore market making solutions tailored to your specific requirements, designed to optimize your trading performance.

Crypto Liquidity Provider – Key Features

As a top crypto liquidity provider, FirstByt enables professional market makers and cryptocurrency exchange platform owners to populate their order books with relevant bid-ask orders at a high market-making level, with a good spread, and without having to worry about the potential lack of liquidity on their new platform.

Large Volume Order Execution

Outstanding liquidity ensures a deep and diverse pool of buyers and sellers, resulting in tighter spreads and improved price stability. Traders can execute larger orders with minimal impact on prices, facilitating efficient trading strategies and minimizing slippage.

Market Access

Ample liquidity opens up a plethora of trading opportunities across various assets and markets. Traders can swiftly enter and exit positions, capitalize on market movements, and explore a wider range of trading strategies to maximize profitability.

Data Available via FIX

In addition to sending trades, the Broker also has access to their hedge account information, such as balance, margin level and exposures. Furthermore, the FIX API provides real-time market data, order status, historical trade information, and comprehensive reports, offering a holistic view of the trading landscape. This seamless integration empowers brokers with in-depth insights and efficient control over their trading activities.

Price Discovery

A liquid market facilitates efficient price discovery, where prices reflect the true supply and demand dynamics of the assets being traded. Traders benefit from transparent and reliable pricing information, enabling them to make informed trading decisions and react quickly to market changes.

Customized Streams

We work closely with its clients offering ready-made or customised streams of liquidity to facilitate trading. This enables brokers to benefit from best execution and competitive spreads, together with raw, small, medium and big mark-ups and get rebates.

Efficient order execution

With a trustful partner, liquidity enables faster and more efficient order execution, reducing order processing time and enhancing trade fills. Traders can enjoy faster trade confirmations, reduced latency, and increased certainty in executing their trades.

Backup and Failover System

The liquidity has backups on counterparty levels as on aggregator levels and has multiple failover scenarios. Aggregation means a strong backup structure behind it.

Minimal slippage

Aggregated liquidity, with lots of volume even on the first tiers of depth allows traders to get their trades with minimal slippage.

Negative Balance Protection

We ensure safeguards to prevent our clients from incurring debts beyond their initial investment.

40 Liquidity partners

Experience the benefits of our extensive network of liquidity partners, as we seamlessly integrate with over 40 leading exchanges and liquidity providers. Our platform offers a comprehensive ecosystem that connects you to a vast pool of liquidity sources, ensuring optimal trading conditions and enhanced market depth.

Why Choose FirstBit as your Crypto Exchange Liquidity Provider?

  • Access the best technology from aggregated liquidity and multiple distribution venues to cater for your traders needs.
  • FirstByt continues to expand its liquidity distribution, aggregating liquidity via several distribution systems.
  • Brokers and white label partners can be connected to our liquidity pool via FIX API in record time and gain access to the deepest institutional liquidity pools in the industry, super-tight spreads and more.

Partnership Approach

The major thing to look for when choosing a Crypto Liquidity Provider is a solid and reputable Technology Provider which has not only the proper connections but also a vested interest in their associates’ success.

Customized liquidity solutions

We offer a completely tailor-made crypto liquidity solution, which can accommodate any demand. No matter what you wish to offer your traders, our solution can be configured according to your liquidity specifications.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Our institutional liquidity platform relies on an ultra-fast matching engine developed by a team of recognized experts from the blockchain industry.

Impeccable Reputation

We have been building business relationships for years, and most of our clients come to us by recommendation.

Fast Setup & Onboarding

We have procedures to provide our clients with quick onboarding and connection to our system (including Broker’s own due diligence).

One-Stop-Shop for Brokers

We provide our clients with comprehensive solutions; we are not just a crypto liquidity provider, we specialize in providing comprehensive brokerage-related services for both Crypto and Traditional Markets.

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