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One-Stop-Shop Solutions

For years Firstbyt offers complete end-to-end solutions suite to fulfil the diverse needs of businesses. We serve dozens of clients with most advanced technical solutions

Let’s build the future of finance together!

Exchange Technology

Matching Engine, Order Management System

Liquidity Solutions

Remarketer, Market Making


Wallets, Risk Management

Our Clients

Exchange Operators, Brokerages, OTC Desks, Liquidity Providers & Market Makers

Powering Digital Asset Exchanges Globally

We have developed financial technology solutions for institutional operators providing access to digital assets and cryptocurrencies globally

Exchange Solutions

Spot Trading

Derivatives Trading

Earn Module

Loyalty Module


Safe custody of assets

Wide rage of supported networks

Flexible, Easy-to-Use Features

Complete Scalability


Gain access to the deep liquidity pools of major exchanges

Customizable spreads and markups

Tailored market making solutions

Comprehensive business monitoring


Low commissions

Round-the-clock support

Fast security checks

Instant payouts


What are FirstByt Technology Services?

Our modular technology offerings give you the flexibility to choose the components you need to build the perfect solution for your business. FirstByt technology suite allows you to scale your solution as your business grows, making it an ideal choice for small and large businesses alike. Most importantly, we provide a cost-effective solution for businesses looking to optimize their operations without breaking the bank.

Above all, FirstByt technology offerings make it simple to design and implement a technology solution that meets your business needs. With everything in one place, you won’t have to manage multiple vendors or worry about complicated integrations

List of technology offerings:

1) Crypto Spot Trading

2) Derivative Crypto Trading 

3) Crypto EARN Suit (Defi)  

4) Traditional Markets: Forex, Stocks, ETFs, Commodities, etc 

5) Wallet Service 

6) Payments Solutions 

7) Compliance and Operations Solution: KYC and KYT 

7) Trading Risk Management Solution 

8) Affiliate and Referral Programs

9) Bonus Program 

How long does it take to implement FirstByt technology solutions?

With our quick modular implementations, you can get your solution to market in record time from 2 to 60 days depending on your business requirements. Gain a competitive edge by deploying pre-built modules that are ready to go. We will save you time and resources by reducing the implementation time. You can avoid the hassle of custom development and integrations. Hence, you stay agile by enabling you to quickly add new modules as needed. Respond to changing market conditions and customer needs in real-time. 

Our main goal is to help you stay focused on your business and reduce your opportunity costs by getting you live as quickly as possible. 

What are the costs of implementing FirstByt technology solutions?

Our solutions enable you to reduce upfront costs by only paying for the modules you need. Avoid investing in unnecessary features or functionality. In addition, our modular solutions offer scalable pricing, enabling you to add or remove modules as your business grows and changes. Pay for what you need, when you need it. We will also save you money on maintenance by deploying pre-built modules, businesses can avoid the cost and complexity of custom development and integration.

We are committed to saving you time and effort and generating a faster return on your investment. FirstByt technology solutions start as low as $10 000. Contact us today to assess your business needs. 

How reliable are Firstbyt technology solutions?

FirstByt technology solutions are built using pre-built modules that have been tested and verified, increasing security and reducing the risk of breaches. We are laser-focused on performance, ensuring reliable operation and consistent performance. In addition, our modules are designed to work together seamlessly, avoiding the headaches of complicated integrations and ensuring smooth operation. Our team has many years of experience by building-in redundancy, ensuring that your systems continue to operate even if one module fails. Rely on our modular solutions for continuous operation. We guarantee that everything will be tested thoroughly before deployment, ensuring that each module works as expected and minimizing the risk of errors or failures.

Most importantly, we offer 24/7 experience customer support ready to assist you at any time. Book an appointment today!!!

Why should you choose the FirstByt technology suit?

We are simply one of the most experienced teams in the industry, having been in your shoes and understanding what is important to you. We have spent years researching, implementing, testing, and supporting real-live clients, giving us the expertise to deliver top-notch solutions. In addition throughout the years, we have gained valuable insights into what is important to businesses like yours. 

Nowadays, technology is at the core center of product-led business. That is why we offer robust product technology solutions that are guaranteed to drive income for your business. 


Years of Experience


Satisfied Clients


Passionate Professionals