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KYC / KYT Services Provider for Crypto and Web3 Companies

FirstByt’s comprehensive compliance solutions including AML screening, Global KYC, and KYT assist cryptos, wallets, DeFi and other Web3 companies in meeting evolving CFT/AML regulations worldwide.

Compliance Solutions and KYC Processes For Crypto Companies

Ensure that your crypto exchanges and trading platforms are protected, compliant, and safeguarded against potential risks. We focus on compliance while you focus on global expansion and growth.

ID verification

Quickly verify users across the globe. Apply all necessary KYC checks in a seamless flow, designed to combat all fraud types, in all markets.Real-time automated ID verification across 220+ countries and territories worldwide, and 6500+ government documents with 55+ languages supported. That includes proof of address and any documents you need via custom questionnaires. Complex typescripts are easily recognized as well.

Address verification

Seamless onboarding and increased conversion rates with state-of-the-art proof of address verification solution.

Database verification

By leveraging government databases, we ensure seamless and efficient verification, eliminating the need for extensive documentation.

Biometric verification

Utilize technology to perform liveness and Face Match verification, ensuring the authenticity of document holders’ identities.

KYC Crypto Software & Tools

From initial user onboarding to transaction approvals, our solution provides a seamless and reliable verification experience.

Benefits of using KYC as a service

  • Cuts costs and boosts efficiency with our KYC Services. Discover more about our products and solutions.

Achieve Unmatched Success Rates on a Global Scale

Robust technology and streamlined processes, we enable seamless user and company onboarding from over 220 countries and territories worldwide.

Stay One Step Ahead with Advanced Fraud Prevention

Streamline your fraud resolution process, track and document cases, collaborate with your team, and gather crucial evidence to strengthen your defense against fraudsters.

Catering to Diverse Crypto Businesses

Our expertise extends to a wide range of crypto ventures, including exchange platforms, decentralized exchanges (DEXs), custodians, wallets, lending and staking platforms, payment services, ATMs, ICOs, and even casinos.

Tailored Compliance Solutions for Diverse Financial Institutions

We work closely with our clients to develop customized compliance programs that align with their business goals while ensuring adherence to the ever-changing regulatory frameworks.

Advanced Analytics Solutions

Harness the power of analytics, designed to track crypto assets and assist you in developing a robust and well-structured AML strategy.

Reporting and Real-time Alerts

Improve your compliance processes with intuitive reporting features, allowing you to effortlessly create KYT (Know Your Transaction) and KYA (Know Your Activity) reports with just one click.

Verify global crypto investors with flexible & scalable KYC solution

KYC compliance solution designed to address the unique challenges of crypto asset regulation and traditional markets. Leverage the digital currency market while increasing conversion rates.

Why choose FirstByt as your KYC Service Provider?

Choosing the right KYC provider for your crypto exchange, upcoming ICO or token sale is a critical decision that requires careful consideration. Here are some key factors to keep in mind when making your choice.

Compliance with Global Regulations

While many are similar, each country has its own set of regulations for customer due diligence (CDD) and KYC/AML, so it’s essential to choose a KYC provider that has experience in your target market. We follow the regulations set by the appropriate regulatory bodies, such as the FATF, FCA, FinCEN, and others.

Security & Data Privacy

Your chosen KYC provider should have robust security measures in place to protect both your customers’ data and your business from potential cyber threats. FirstByt offers multi-factor authentication, data encryption, and regular security audits to ensure the highest level of protection.

User-Friendly Interface

Your customers should be able to easily navigate through the verification steps without any confusion or frustration, and to understand the reasoning for each step they need to pass through. We offer a simple and intuitive interface for a seamless customer experience — which ideally can be easily integrated into your own API and customized in line with your branding.

Range of Verification Methods

Most KYC providers offer the most common verification methods which include ID document verification, facial recognition, and biometric verification. FirstByt offers customizable solutions to fit your specific business needs and the level of risk associated with your industry.


It’s crucial to choose a KYC provider that can scale with your business and accommodate increased demand for verification services without compromising on quality or security. FirstByt has the ability to handle large volumes of verifications and their track record in maintaining high accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Cost Effective

KYC providers typically charge per verification, so make sure to compare prices and choose a provider that offers competitive rates without compromising on quality or security. With FirstByt you can save your business from potential fines and reputational damage in the long run, so opting for whatever is the cheapest solution is not usually the most efficient approach to selecting your provider.

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FAQs about KYC as a service

What is KYC Compliance Software?

Why is KYC software compliance important?

Where KYC Compliance Is Used?

What are the most important features when selecting a KYC software solution?

How is KYC done in crypto?

Why is KYC important in crypto?

KYC plays an important role in the crypto industry — the use of KYC by crypto providers helps with building trust, mitigating risk, meeting global standards, and creating long-term viability. Let’s take a closer look at each of these benefits.

  • Building trust. At its core, cryptocurrency requires trust, as the entire system operates using decentralized networks that are outside of traditional financial structures. Using KYC procedures can help build trust with users, regulators, and the wider financial community, ensuring that each transaction is actually going to the right person, making identity fraud and money laundering more difficult for bad actors. 
  • Mitigate risk for investors. Most cryptocurrencies have an initial coin offering (ICO) as well as token sales. Using KYC gives confidence that the funds being contributed come from legitimate sources, ultimately protecting investors from potential scams. 
  • Meet global standards. Although crypto was born out of a rejection of the traditional financial system, the industry has become more mainstream in recent years. This increase in adoption puts pressure on cryptocurrency exchanges to meet global financial standards, many of which require KYC compliance. 

Create long-term viability. In order to gain wider acceptance and adoption, it’s vital for the crypto industry to demonstrate that it can uphold the same standards — like KYC regulations — that traditional financial systems adhere to.

How much does KYC as a service cost?

With FirstByt software suite, we will integrate any KYC provider into your back office, allowing you to start from as little as under a dollar per check.