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Order and Execution Management System (OEMS) for Crypto and Digital Assets Trading

We provide best-in-class crypto trading OEMS for advanced order, execution and position management, along with the infrastructure for exchange market access and market data consolidation, with options for both UI and API users.

Our Advantages

All order and trading types Execution Algos Smart Order Routing Crypto specific features Upstream system integration AlgoTrader API

Crypto OEMS Solutions for Businesses

Our OEMS offers the resources required for effective trading operations, regardless of whether you are a broker-dealer, an asset manager, or a financial institution.

Proprietary Trading Firms

  • Optimized and normalized real-time market data feeds
  • Unified FIX API for trading across multiple exchanges
  • Managed connectivity to exchanges

Market Makers

  • Full visibility across multiple digital asset markets
  • Low latency execution services
  • Real-time updates on execution and balances changes

Hedge Funds

  • Ability to see all orders, all positions, and all trading history across multiple exchanges
  • Easy integration process
  • High level of security

Trading Platforms

  • Single connectivity between our and your servers
  • Simple API to manage clients’ accounts
  • White-label ready FIX gateways for trading and market data

Crypto Trading OEMS Offers Best-in-class Connectivity

Access to more than 100 of the largest crypto exchanges, brokers, and OTC desks worldwide.

Key Features of our OEMS Solutions for Crypto Trading

Our OEMS delivers a streamlined, fluid, and effective trading procedure by combining these two elements, lowering operating risks and increasing productivity. Below is what FirstByt OEMS offers to accelerate crypto trading.

Execution Algos & Smart Order Routing

Split your orders automatically into child units and route them to the best-priced exchanges, while using innovative execution algorithms to reduce slippage and frontrunning. Learn more about crypto smart order routing (SMO).

Exchange connectivity

Through a single, managed FIX API, you may access an expanding number of the largest centralised (CEX) and decentralised (DEX) crypto trading venues, as well as benefit from automated deal reconciliation and order re-routing in the event of unexpected exchange downtimes.

Management API

In addition to the FIX API for crypto trading and market data, FirstByt provides a REST-based API for managing your company’s assets such as accounts, exchange connectivity, FIX sessions, and access permissions. This API can also be used to access trading history, positions, and open orders.

Upstream system integration

FirstByt’s crypto trading OEMS can be used as a stand-alone solution for discretionary trading, or you can route orders from your own signal generating service or upstream order entry system using a RESTful, WebSocket, or FIX API.

Active orders management

Our servers replicate and update information about clients’ orders on a continuous basis. Each trade confirmation or cancellation dynamically modifies the representation of orders that we store.

Access to trading history

Every order that passes via our system, as well as every execution report that arrives, is saved. There is no ‘data retention period,’ so everything that comes in stays there. Information on trading activity comprises exchange-assigned IDs, timestamps, trade prices and sizes, as well as fees paid.

Powerful Management Tools

FirstBit’s crypto OEMS also offers comprehensive portfolio management tools. Users have immediate access to risk analysis, performance monitoring, and portfolio tracking. Users are thus given the option to make their own decisions and adjust their strategies as needed.

Balance monitoring

Track your assets across custodians and liquidity venues for multiple clients, broken down by asset type.

FirstByt’s Crypto Trading OEMS Offers Full Automation

FirstByt’s advanced crypto trading OEMS automates the entire trade lifecycle.

Why Choose Our OEMS Crypto Solutions?

There are numerous advantages to adopting FirstByt’s crypto OEMS, beginning with a significant boost in trading effectiveness. Our technology simplifies the order administration and execution process, allowing you to handle larger transaction volumes without increasing operational complexity.


Best-in-class Expertise

FirstByt is your partner in trading success, not just a technology supplier. Our goal is to deliver crypto trading OEMS and digital asset solutions that not only meets but also exceeds your expectations. We want to equip you with the technologies you need to accomplish your trading objectives more quickly and effectively.

Real Time Data

Our crypto trading OEMS incorporate real-time data, so your clients always have access to the most latest market data. Making quick and informed trading decisions allows traders to attain higher trading results.

Regulatory Compliance

You may maintain regulatory compliance while reducing the risk of penalties or other consequences by utilizing our strong compliance and reporting solutions. Our OEMS reduces the stress of regulatory compliance by automating compliance inspections and producing detailed reports.


Scalability is never an issue for our crypto OEMS. Our system is designed to fit your needs, whether you’re a small trading company looking to grow or a large institution handling millions of transactions per day. Our platform can scale to match your growing trading volumes, ensuring that technology never stands in the way of your business.

Wide range of assets

Finally, our OEMS provides capabilities for several markets and assets. Our system can manage trading in stocks, futures, options, or any other asset class. Additionally, our OEMS provides a completely worldwide trading solution thanks to access to numerous exchanges and ECNs.

Ongoing support

In addition to initial setup and education, we provide continuous assistance. To guarantee that you always have access to the best tools on the market, we regularly update our systems with new features and advancements. Our support team is available via phone or email if you require additional training or have questions about new features.

Let’s discuss your project

Feel free to discuss your requirements, including a test before any prior commitment. Grow your business while saving time and money with one of the best crypto trading OEMS solutions out there.