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Over-The-Counter (OTC) Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company

We offer a secure, seamless, private and instant OTC Crypto Exchange Platform for trading digital assets across countries. With the best tools and high-end expertise in place, we build solutions that make trading of unlisted securities via a broker-dealer network more smooth, secure, and worthwhile.

Our Advantages

Privacy and Discretion Reduced Price Impact High Liquidity Quick Settlement Access to Unique Cryptocurrencies Regulatory Compliance

Our Expertise In OTC Crypto Exchange Development Services

With our resources and expertise in different fields, you get access to a wide range of OTC trading platform development services that are designed to fit your business needs and user behaviour.

Rich Design

Our extensively rich design for your mobile, web or software solution is enough to attract new users and attain existing customers.

Connectors To Exchange

If you already have a crypto exchange platform and want to move to a robust server, then we are the right choice for migrating your platform.

Admin Control

Within the solution, a feature-packed admin panel enables tracking traders and their activities with a completely free hand.

Trading Execution Middleware

We integrate low legacy trading software to complete all transactions of tokens at lightning speed.

Launch Your OTC Crypto Exchange Platform with our Development Services

Work with experts and build a platform that enhances user experience with seamless, secure and instant transactions.

OTC Crypto Exchange Development – Key Features

Creating a successful OTC crypto exchange platform requires thoughtful integration of essential features. These functionalities ensure a seamless, secure, and efficient trading environment for users engaging in large-volume cryptocurrency transactions.

Wallet Management

For OTC crypto traders, managing multiple crypto wallets at the same time is possible with the use of OTC desks. To access the portfolio or accounting details of the wallets, customers will need to provide their public keys.

Support for Multiple Cryptocurrencies

A diverse range of supported cryptocurrencies expands market opportunities. Ensuring compatibility with various tokens and currencies enhances the OTC crypto platform’s attractiveness to a broader user base.

Analytics and Reporting Tools

Providing users with comprehensive analytics and reporting tools aids in informed decision-making. OTC crypto exchange features such as trade history, market insights, and real-time data empower users to strategize effectively.

Customizable Trading Interface

Offering a user-friendly, customizable interface is key. Providing tools for personalized dashboards, trading analytics, and customizable trade options empowers users to tailor their experience according to their preferences and requirements.

Customer Support

For an OTC crypto exchange to be successful, it is crucial to have strong customer support. Users should be able to receive prompt assistance for any questions or concerns they may have, without any delays. There must be accessible and convenient ways to contact the OTC trading admin at any time.

Automation of KYC

The OTC Crypto Exchange automates the process of KYC/AML documentation and verification, compliance with local regulations, which is typically time-consuming. This step is crucial for effective entity management and to prevent delays in the verification process.

Escrow Services

Incorporating escrow services adds an extra layer of security to transactions. Smart contract-based escrow systems ensure that funds are held securely until predefined conditions are met, mitigating counterparty risks.

Liquidity Aggregation and Depth

An OTC crypto exchange platform’s success hinges on liquidity access. Integration with multiple liquidity providers and market makers ensures ample depth in markets, facilitating swift and efficient trade executions even for large volumes.

Robust Order Matching Engine

A powerful and efficient order-matching engine is fundamental. It should handle high-frequency trading, support limit, and market orders, and execute trades swiftly to prevent slippage and ensure fair pricing.

Instantaneous settlement

Our OTC crypto exchange solution facilitates manual money transfers with immediate clearance. Traders using non-custodial wallets have complete autonomy over their private and public keys. This guarantees swift settlement of large transactions, thanks to its high value and robust security measures.

A high level of security

We provide advanced security measures that allow orders to be automatically completed even with high latency. Features like multi-layer authentication, cold storage for funds, encryption protocols, and regular security audits fortifies the platform against potential cyber threats.

API Integration and Scalability

API integration facilitates seamless connectivity with external platforms and tools. Additionally, ensuring scalability to accommodate increasing user demands is crucial for sustained OTC crypto exchange platform growth.

Quick Transaction Audit

All transactions are placed in blockchain security. Still, you want to audit transactions. You can do it. Also, our tailor-made OTC crypto platform allows you to manage everything from the admin panel.

Make the most of your investments with our OTC cryptocurrency exchange development!

Our Cryptocurrency Wallet Development Process

FirstByt follows some standard procedures to create and deploy an OTC cryptocurrency exchange platform.


Requirement Gathering

In the initial stage, we would gather the requirements from clients and analyze them with the current crypto market. After the research, we will provide the right solution for starting an OTC crypto exchange business


Our experts will derive a rough plan for OTC crypto exchange development based on the business requirements of clients, defining the functionalities, features, and technical specifications necessary to meet user demands.


The OTC exchange will be moved to the next stage after the confirmation, focusing on user experience (UX) by designing an interface that is easy to navigate, offers customizable options, and provides a seamless trading experience.


Execute the OTC crypto exchange development phase systematically, ensuring the incorporation of essential features like order matching, liquidity integration, trade execution, and compliance protocols.


After the development stage, our testing team will check the quality of the OTC crypto exchange by conducting various tests. If any functionality doesn’t work properly, then our team will rectify the issue immediately.


Our development team will deploy the superfine OTC crypto exchange to the server as per the client’s request and provide additional services for leveraging various marketing channels to attract users and investors to the platform.

Support and Maintenance

After launch, prioritize ongoing support, updates, and maintenance. Continuously monitor the platform’s performance, address user feedback, and stay abreast of technological advancements to ensure a seamless user experience.

Are you looking to start your own OTC Crypto trading platform?

To perform price stability, execution speed, security, and privacy as well as secure transactions for your customers? Let’s get started and start generating revenue by launching your own OTC trading platform.

Why Choose FirstByt As Your OTC Cryptocurrency Exchange Development Company?

Our crypto OTC trading development is the finest service you can avail to grow in the crypto space with your own trading platform. We offer you everything you need to develop the most advanced OTC cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Hardcore Blockchain Developers

Our Crypto OTC trading platform development team has years of experience and holds great-on expertise. The company is backed by a team that has a strong record in crypto and other investing aspects.

Fixed Pricing & Deadlines

We offer what we commit to our clients. When you work with our experts, you will never face any challenges regarding price updates or increasing deadlines. You will get the OTC crypto exchange solution on time at the best price.

High Scalability

Our OTC trading platform is crafted to meet your business expectations. We build highly responsive design and the latest techniques to develop a world class-leading OTC crypto exchange that help your business to grow.

Custody Choice

Benefit from automated pre-trade risk checks. We integrate the solution with seamless custody and other core banking integration for full trade automation. These use cases collectively contribute to the growing significance of OTC platforms in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Compliance & Validation

We take extra care of our customers and develop a system that complies with trading partners and standards. Our blockchain & crypto developers believe in providing an immutable user experience.

Customer Support

When you choose us for Crypto trading platform development, we offer you complete support so you can bring your idea to great success. From development to deployment, we are always with you at every step.

The Best OTC Cryptocurrency Exchange Development For Your Project

Hire a highly talented team of developers from the best blockchain wallet development company to develop a bespoke cryptocurrency wallet based on your business requirements. Our dedicated team of cryptocurrency developers build wallets that can efficiently store all your company transactions.

FAQs about OTC Crypto Exchange Development

How is an OTC crypto exchange different from a normal exchange?

How Does an OTC Crypto Exchange Platform Work?

How much does an OTC Crypto Exchange cost?

Which cryptocurrencies can be exchanged on an OTC trading platform?

What role does compliance play in OTC exchange development?

What security features will be available in the OTC crypto exchange?

Some of the security features include escrow facility, decentralized ledgers, two factor authentication, hot/cold wallet automation and dedicated wallet implementation.